Quality Management

Our main goal is customer satisfaction

In this instance, quality means that only those products and services are developed, manufactured and delivered which completely and without compromise satisfy the customer.

The pewag group’s quality policy, is underlined by the following basic principle: “we supply high-end products and services to our customers that conform to the technical standards and requirements”, can be summarised in the subsequent four points.


Market-oriented Quality

In order to maintain and to widen the competitive position of the pewag group, the quality of finished goods and services must be consistent with the specifications of the customer and also with their expectations of one of the leading companies. No product should ever pose a danger to people or the environment.

Economic Quality

As a profit-oriented company, quality is achieved by taking  into consideration the material, personnel and financial  resources; this means that we establish an appropriate best price/performance ratio for the customer within the  acknowledged framework.


Quality Responsibility

Stringent demands are placed on all employees to ensure high standards of quality. No matter what hierarchical level, all managers are in charge of managing quality. Every employee within the pewag group should be educated, motivated and instructed by the management team. It is important for promoting high quality awareness that the education and training of employees is at the forefront, as each employee is responsible for the quality of his/her own work.

For each of our employees, the statement “QUALITY STARTS WITH ME” must be true!


Process-oriented Quality 

The close interaction between sales, product development, production and customer service is regulated within the individual companies by fixed processes and activities, as well as responsibilities with the aim to reach and maintain the defined quality standards.