Mission Statement and Principles of pewag group

pewag group‘s Mission Statement expresses the goals of our actions as follows:


With our joy for innovation, we ensure that all products of the pewag group are the best in the respective markets, both now and in the future. The high quality of our products and services as well as our employees‘ passionate dedication are the foundation to our pursuit of outstanding services and complete customer satisfaction.


Leading in Quality

The values of our product brands are demonstrated by our first-class quality and innovations and are communicated consistently and coherently. We anticipate market demands and changes in the environment and adapt our strategies, organizations and actions accordingly to satisfy our customers’ needs through providing the best value for the money; timely delivery; efficient and obliging service.


Leading in Responsibility

We commit ourselves to careful treatment of the environment, by reducing the use of energy and raw materials, ensuring the longevity of our products and making them recyclable. We value an open, honest and team-oriented work-style, which is based on transparent communication honoring ideas, opinions and experience of our employees as valuable inputs for our decision making process. We strive for stable and fair partnerships with our employees, customers, suppliers and other business partners and take social aspects into consideratio when making business decisions.


Leading in Technology

We secure our technological strength by striving for product quality, constant improvements and innovations of products, as well as manufacturing processes. We are dedicated to keep on top of product technology. This ensures that our customers always have the best solutions available and that we expand and protect our market position.


Leading in Economics

In all our processes we use due diligent business practices and efficiency and strive to improve these continuously. In the long-term, we will continuously increase our economic performance to raise corporate value, achieve sustained growth and thus secure a successful future of the organization