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Business areas Division of pewag groups business areas into segments

The pewag group has a substantial and diverse spectrum of products and services, which are organized in six segments. 

Our range of products varies from traction chains for tires (snow chains for passenger cars, trucks and special-purpose vehicles, tire protection chains for mining vehicles) over different industrial chains to products for the do-it-yourself sector (light chains, belts, etc.)

Segment A


The pewag group did not only manufacture the first snow chain worldwide, we have also maintained our technological edge ever since. Our exceptional experience and our ambition to innovation and quality made pewag a snow chain brand known worldwide. 

In the forestry sector, the pewag group has a broad range of high-strength forestry chain systems. Our products guarantee maximum safety, optimal utilization of material strength, high durability and extremely easy application for our customers.  

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Segment B


Our hoist and conveyor chains stand out because of their deep case hardening, extremely high breaking force and resistance to stress fractures. We enable our customers to design their conveyor systems in the best possible way because of our high quality standards, tight dimensional tolerances and optimal design of all components of the chain system in respect to surface hardness and core toughness.

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Segment C


The do-it-yourself program allows users in home improvement or farming and forestry to assemble pewag products individually for their special purposes. Our customers can choose among a broad range of different accessories, for example standardized chains, cable chains, ropes, cattle chains, pins, etc.

If you want to learn more about our do-it-yourself program, please visit our product website

Do it yourself

Segment D


The various products and services in the sector of drive technology have a broad application spectrum in machine and plant engineering. In this area we offer sprocket chains, wheels and wheel discs, pur wheels, spur racks, bevel gears, chain tighteners, clutches, sliding hubs, tooth belts and discs, clamping sets and other components. 

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Segment F


In the lifting sector pewag offers a broad range of products providing good value, high lifting capacity and easy application.

pewag lashing products were developed for optimizing load security in the transport industry. When used properly pewag lashing chains are characterized by their high durability and the highest degree of safety.

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Segment G

Steel protection combined with the mobility of rubber – this is the best description for pewag group’s tire protection chains. They consist of a very tight steel mesh that covers all vulnerable parts of tires on their tread and sidewalls to form a barrier against damages.  

pewag tire protection chains are used in a wide variety of applications. They offer the optimal protection for extreme conditions from especially strengthened chain systems for underground mining to maximum safety for operations in the highest mountains.

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Tire Protection Chains

Segment E

pewag pelagus offers high-quality chains and components for traditional fishing, aquaculture and yachting.

Harsh environmental conditions require products you can trust. pewag products are designed to meet these needs using the most advanced technologies and devices. They are engineered and manufactured in Europe and made of high-quality material, meeting all standards and specifications.

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