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History of pewag group


pewag group is one of  the oldest chain manufacturers in the world and its history can be traced back to the 15th century. The following timetable gives you an overview about the most important events concerning the origins and development of this group rich in tradition.

Timetable of important events throughout the history of pewag group

1479 First documented references of a forging plant in Brückl
1787 Foundation of a chain forge in Kapfenberg
1803 Foundation of a chain forge in Graz
1836 Establishment of an iron casting plant in Brückl
1912 Production of the First pewag Snow Chain
1923 Merger of plants in Graz and Kapfenberg
Creation of the name „pewag“
1972 Foundation of a sales company in Germany
1975 Foundation of a sales company in the USA
1993 Foundation of pewag austria GmbH 
1994 Foundation of the first subsidiary in the Czech Republic
1999 Acquisition of the Weissenfels Group
2003 Separation from the Weissenfels Group
Incorporation of pewag austria Gmbh into Ägyd Pengg Foundation
2005 Splitting into 2 groups:
Schneeketten Beteiligungs AG Group – Snow Chains
pewag austria GmbH Group – Technical Chains
2009 Acquisition of Chaineries Limousines S.A.S.
2012 Foundation of the first manufactoring company in the USA
2013 Foundation of various international sales companies